Food for the Body. Food for the Mind. Food for the Soul.

Over the course of time I have swung between extremes as far as my diet and lifestyle are concerned.

I’ve gone from diets consisting mainly of booze and taco bell, to an entirely vegan lifestyle (for a minute anyways… I LOVE CHEESE!)… to, most recently, a passionate love affair with all things chocolaty and sweet, resulting in what I am now referring to as my “bonus curves”…

However, the lifestyle that I have found to be the most delicious and indulgent in addition to being healthy and do-able, closely parallels that of a Mediterranean area dweller’s lifestyle.

Who the heck wouldn't want to live here?! This is the Mediterranean Sea near Turkey

Just to name a few… Spain, France, Italy, Greece & Morocco… are some of the countries in this region.  As far as I can tell it’s freakin’ gorgeous there, AND as a result of  the mild climate ideal for growing vegetation, their typical way of eating is saturated with Earthfoods   PLUS, due to close proximity to the sea, seafood is abundant. Duh.

If that wasn’t enough, thanks to France and Greece, this area is the largest producer IN THE WORLD of  two of my most favorite things…

red wine


olive oil

I think I’ve died and gone to heaven.

I am so intrigued by this region that I chose it as the topic of one my speeches for my public speaking class in college a couple years back.

Check out this Visual Aid.

The Mediterranean Pyramid.

In my opinion, it really could not be a more perfect combo.
And now… I’m freakishly hungry.

I shall return posthaste with some delicious Earthfood Eats.


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  1. Sweets said:

    Ummm… let’s go to that picture.

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