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Scenic Glory

I had the most kick-ass date today with my new and adorable blogger friend, Lindsay.

I so desperately wish my camera was not a piece of junk… I would have surely documented this occasion. We enjoyed coffee downtown and a spectacular Thai lunch that i SO would have liked to have photographed. I considered whipping out my phone, which as of late has been doubling as a journalism tool. However, the moment I witnessed her vivid and gorgeous photos I became instantly ashamed of my flash-less Blackberry and it’s dimly lit snaps. Maybe she’ll so kindly share her pics with me! (wink wink)
(Note to self… buy a camera that doesn’t blow)

I am sponsoring her blog this month, for which she made me this pretty little button.

 You should DEFINITELY go check her out at Scenic Glory… she’s the bomb.


Comments on: "Scenic Glory" (2)

  1. Girl you’re the sweetest 🙂 I had an absolute blast and would be happy to share the photos with you 😉 happy mothers day by the way!!! Xoxo

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