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Sergeant k.t.

Today for me has been friend day… can it get any better?  I submit that it cannot. nothing makes me happier than a sunny day spent with my girls.
So… after meeting up with my new blogger buddy, I had coffee with my good friend Katie.
She has decided it’s time to bid my “bonus curves” farewell (said curves being the residual effect of a torrid love affair with all things chocolaty and sweet, in which I was engaged for the latter half of winter)

(I assure you… k.t. is much cuter than this guy)

I declare her qualified to draw this conclusion due to the fact that she’s an aspiring figure fitness model/trainer and bona fide health freak.
k.t. claims she can have me swimsuit ready in four weeks… we’ll see.
She’s making me write down every thing i eat for the next week.  I’m scared of her. She has big muscles and fiery determination … preceded by sweetness and a sunny disposition but still, I’ll probably adhere to her orders. primarily so she doesn’t yell at me.

(i wonder if she’ll be mad that all I’ve  consumed today is a pot of coffee, 2 lattes, and some Thai for lunch?)


Wish me good luck.


Comments on: "Sergeant k.t." (2)

  1. I will live this vicariously through you, as Im not ready to give up my wine and Pioneer Woman cookbook. Plus, Im a lover of “bonus curves”.

    • Ooooh… what’s this Pioneer Woman cookbook that you speak of? I’m curious. Looking forward to drinking some wine with you when you come to visit this summer!

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