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pancake croutons

pancake croutons…

My most brilliant creation to date.

directions: place pancakes in 150 degree oven for 24 hours


You will notice that these particular pancakes are pinkish with black polka dots (mini-chocolate chips).

This uber healthy jewel of a breakfast was created yesterday morning at the insistence of miss M, my junk food aficionado. she declared it necessary in order to properly celebrate the 2 hour late school start, which occurs the first wednesday of every month.

So, being the “best-mother-on-the-face-of-the-planet” that i am… i affectionately tended to her request making these pancakes and placing them in a warm oven where they would be at the ready for her girlfriends as they arrived (a hang out ritual common to this enchanted morning)…

AND where the leftovers would remain for the next 24 hours.

Upon my return home, I promptly placed a chunk of crispy pancake in mouth expecting some sort of sweet, chocolaty, crunchy type snack… but much to my surprise it tasted very much crouton-y.

Maybe I’ll throw them on a salad for lunch??

And let me just say… you’re welcome. for another innovative and useful kitchen creation.


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