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Move It!… a quest for ass moving activites

I love the way that exercising and being active makes me feel, but get SO bored doing the same things in the same places over and over again.

So…. This marks the official beginning of my personal quest to delameify exercise. (Chandra to English dictionary; delameify – the act of making something less dull and uninspiring)

Exercise Delameification Project (TAKE 1)

Bike Riding in Wilderness Park, Lincoln, NE

Love, love, love riding my bike….

YAY Lincoln! for having developed a very nice network of bike trails throughout and around the city. (Visit the Great Plains Trail Network website, or stop in at Cycle Works for a trail map) You could spend hours exploring them, which is exactly what Sweets and I did yesterday. We spent a solid 3 hours on the trails and rode about 20 miles with the destination being Wilderness Park.

There are over 10 miles of thick woodland trails with stream views running through Wilderness Park. As you can see, I have included some unskillful photography with mesmerizing views of the back of Sweet’s tie-dye T-shirt.

If these pictures do nothing for you, I would suggest checking out some pretty kick ass pictures of the trail on the website I mentioned above. Or… even better yet, spend an afternoon kicking it at the park yourself if you live in the area.

We followed up our bike ride with Roasted Pineapple over Vanilla Soy Ice cream….

which to me, equaled a perfect spring day.

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