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What Is The Earthfood Experiment?

Hi Friend! (If you’re not already, I hope you soon will be :) )

I’m thankful, that in your web wanderings, you have happened upon this little virtual space I like to refer to as The Earthfood Experiment.

This spot began as the place where I shared what was happening in my kitchen. I enjoy cooking and eating. More specifically I have found that I am happier in the mind when I eat foods that are good for my body.

To Keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. -Buddha

(You will find that I also enjoy quoting the thoughts of others)

I quickly realized, however, that I don’t always feel like cooking. Some weeks I prefer to eat out every single day, or look through stacks of cookbooks but not actually make anything, or spend hours sitting in coffee shops around town pondering life, or get lost in inspirational books for days, or start to train for a marathon, or hang out with my friends and drink wine…

With this knowledge I found that unless I were to expand this space to include all of my meanderings… my postings would be scattered in frequency.

The fact that I am consistently inconsistent used to bother me. In fact I considered it a major character flaw, but in my quest to find love for myself I have accepted, and now even embrace this as a lovable quirk that makes me, ME!

So, although my moment to moment interests may be somewhat sporadic, what does remain steadfast is my passion for sharing, laughing, giving, inspiring, and living the fullest expression of life.

I hope you feel at home here as much as I do. Please bring yourself… all of yourself, and know that you are loved consistently no matter what your crazy quirks are. In fact… you are loved more because of them.

Peace & Love,

Chandra Nicole

(come with me to this page and I will tell you a little about the stuff I post)

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