Food for the Body. Food for the Mind. Food for the Soul.

Who is Chandra Nicole?

It seems we spend our entire lives trying to answer this one little question.

(Not who is Chandra Nicole!!  but… Who are we?)

I can tell you facts about my life… where I was born (Lincoln, NE), How many kids I have (One Miss M age 11), what I do for a job (Hair stylist at Forte’ Salon), but these sorts of facts do not express the essence of who we truly are. We could probably all spend 3 pages sharing the stories of hardships we have endured and obstacles we have overcome…that’s not who we are either but merely situations we have found ourselves in.

As far as I can tell, we are all on this Earth for one purpose and one purpose only…

To be happy.

This is what happiness is for me:

*Laughing so hard I cry *Lattes with my boyfriend
*a freshly rearranged living room
*my kitty Cheese (who just winked at me) *the smell of spring
*creating new things *watching Miss M dance *Farmer’s markets
*feeling passionate about something, anything!
*waves on the shore *high heeled shoes
*bike rides *Bonfires
*cooking stuff! * Sushi *post work-out showers
*The Earthfood Experiment *giving *sunshine *inspiring others *hanging out in coffee shops
* bookstores for hours *anything made with tortillas
*my family (more specifically, my Bestie Cuz Angela… she made me say that, but I do love her!)
*reading a good book *exploring *trying new things *travel
*red wine *summer produce *Sex & the City
*freshly cut flowers *chit-chat *live Jazz *entertaining

What Makes You Happy?

I would love it if you stopped by to read ‘The Lotus Flower’ or ‘Colors’


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