Food for the Body. Food for the Mind. Food for the Soul.

My Peeps

Introducing…. my lovely lab assistants. They really don’t do anything other than eat my food… and do the dishes. Ok! I guess that’s something.

They have been given the task of rating my kitchen experiments on a scale of 1 to 4. One being the suckiest… four being the least suckiest.

So… without any further ado, I give you…

Miss M

Junk food aficionado, dancer, 6th grader, gifted arbitrarian (yes, I made this word up)… and my daughter.

If you’re looking for a little indulgence, she will soon be launching kenzie’s kandykake pops in order to support her dancing habit. So, keeps your eyes peeled for that!


Lover of rap and sneakers, designer of kick ass men’s clothing, possessor of fairly easy to please taste buds… however, he has a weird thing with texture and prefers things on the sweet-side (I assure you this is not how his nick-name came about however it certainly, and conveniently, is applicable in this context:)

Cheese the Cat

Named after people food….but does not eat people food.


Comments on: "My Peeps" (3)

  1. Haha! Kitty Cat!
    -Miss M- ❤


  3. Couscous is delicious!!

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