Food for the Body. Food for the Mind. Food for the Soul.

Things I Write About.

I enjoy giving things snappy little names… oftentimes with made-up words. So here is a little explanation of some of the thing I write about, or plan on writing about. Complete with Chandra to English translations.

  • FamTime Face Food – Eats for the family gathering
  • Kitchen Experiments – Highly scientific experiments in making healthy foods that don’t suck.
  • Faves – Things I can’t live without
  • Dining Alfresco! – Out & About & Eatin’ like a queen
  • Long & Wide – Conquering the Bucket List
  • Friday Night Snacky Snack – Delicious Healthier-ish snacks
  • Par-Tay! – Entertaining ideas that won’t give you a heart attack
  • The Quote Machine words from peeps
  • Put it in your “whole” – playing with random whole food items, such as Quinoa (keen-what?) or Starfruit.
  • Rudipantary Eats – The Fundamental Pantry (aka… The Rudipantary) are the items I keep stocked in my kitchen at all times> Rudipantary Eats will be exploring recipes revolving around these items that I can always turn to in a pinch.
  • The Exercise De-lame-ification Project – Chandra to English; Delameify – The act of making something less dull and uninspiring.
  • Whatchya Readin’? – I loves me a good book!
  • Pretty Stuff – eye candies
  • Indulge Me Please! – Taking the guilt out of dessert
  • WAC-K!  (Wednesday Afternoon Club-Karma) – What goes around, goes around, goes around comes all the way back around…(to the tune of Justin Timberlake 🙂 )
  • Fire & Heart  – What makes you passionate & fiery and moves you to action? … an interview

Since the Earthfood Experiment is still a baby… AND considering the fact that I am consistently inconsistent… I fully expect this list to grow.

If you’re interested in answering the question ‘Who Is Chandra Nicole?’ come with me to this page… If not, I don’t blame ya… BORING!! But I do recommend checking out my first ever kitchen experiment:

Sweet’s w-Rap… aka Kitchen Experiment #1


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