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pancake croutons

pancake croutons…

My most brilliant creation to date.

directions: place pancakes in 150 degree oven for 24 hours


You will notice that these particular pancakes are pinkish with black polka dots (mini-chocolate chips).

This uber healthy jewel of a breakfast was created yesterday morning at the insistence of miss M, my junk food aficionado. she declared it necessary in order to properly celebrate the 2 hour late school start, which occurs the first wednesday of every month.

So, being the “best-mother-on-the-face-of-the-planet” that i am… i affectionately tended to her request making these pancakes and placing them in a warm oven where they would be at the ready for her girlfriends as they arrived (a hang out ritual common to this enchanted morning)…

AND where the leftovers would remain for the next 24 hours.

Upon my return home, I promptly placed a chunk of crispy pancake in mouth expecting some sort of sweet, chocolaty, crunchy type snack… but much to my surprise it tasted very much crouton-y.

Maybe I’ll throw them on a salad for lunch??

And let me just say… you’re welcome. for another innovative and useful kitchen creation.


i must admit, schedules are not something i’m good at adhering to and inconsistency is one of my most consistent qualities.  much to the dismay of my mother, i have always been relatively fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants-ish, leaping from one whim to the next. this way of life is not conducive to undertakings such as, say…  training for a marathon (which i have attempted to do twice, resulting only in “donations” in the form of unused race fees to the track club)…or writing a novel… or running a political campaign. (only because these are not my callings in life… but they may be yours!)

I am of the belief though, that if you continue to move yourself in the direction of what feels good and makes you happy, ultimately your life will unfold as that which it was meant to be.

Here’s what I have been moved to do this week:

  • spend much needed time with my friends
  • read “The Happiness Project” (a book my friend Lindsay recommended)
  • work on my “vision book”, which is basically a bucket list in picture form. I will talk about this  more in a future series I have planned called Long & Wide… inspired by a Diane Ackerman quote:

“I don’t want to get to the end of my life and find that I lived just the length of it. I want to have lived the width of it as well.”

So, basically this is an apology for my lack of time spent in the kitchen this past week. I do have plans for  a Cinco de Mayo extravaganza tomorrow, which you will not want to miss featuring:

*Build your own Mexican Pizzas & burrito bowls


*Virgin Margaritas

PLUS…Friday I will be exploring the Antipasto Platter & Red Wine which are Mediterranean “diet” must-haves, and also great for entertaining… in addition to being personal favorites of mine.

One last thing that I’m SUPER stoked for is “Fire & Heart” A new interview series in which we will be delving into what makes people passionate & fiery & moved to action… one of my very favorite things to talk about. First up will be Michelle from Dust & Wanderlust…

She’s super hilarious, and super passionate, and I know you’re just going to love her… so be sure to keep an eye out for that in the upcoming week!

Peace & Love, Chandra

Sergeant k.t.

Today for me has been friend day… can it get any better?  I submit that it cannot. nothing makes me happier than a sunny day spent with my girls.
So… after meeting up with my new blogger buddy, I had coffee with my good friend Katie.
She has decided it’s time to bid my “bonus curves” farewell (said curves being the residual effect of a torrid love affair with all things chocolaty and sweet, in which I was engaged for the latter half of winter)

(I assure you… k.t. is much cuter than this guy)

I declare her qualified to draw this conclusion due to the fact that she’s an aspiring figure fitness model/trainer and bona fide health freak.
k.t. claims she can have me swimsuit ready in four weeks… we’ll see.
She’s making me write down every thing i eat for the next week.  I’m scared of her. She has big muscles and fiery determination … preceded by sweetness and a sunny disposition but still, I’ll probably adhere to her orders. primarily so she doesn’t yell at me.

(i wonder if she’ll be mad that all I’ve  consumed today is a pot of coffee, 2 lattes, and some Thai for lunch?)


Wish me good luck.


I had the most kick-ass date today with my new and adorable blogger friend, Lindsay.

I so desperately wish my camera was not a piece of junk… I would have surely documented this occasion. We enjoyed coffee downtown and a spectacular Thai lunch that i SO would have liked to have photographed. I considered whipping out my phone, which as of late has been doubling as a journalism tool. However, the moment I witnessed her vivid and gorgeous photos I became instantly ashamed of my flash-less Blackberry and it’s dimly lit snaps. Maybe she’ll so kindly share her pics with me! (wink wink)
(Note to self… buy a camera that doesn’t blow)

I am sponsoring her blog this month, for which she made me this pretty little button.

 You should DEFINITELY go check her out at Scenic Glory… she’s the bomb.

Over the course of time I have swung between extremes as far as my diet and lifestyle are concerned.

I’ve gone from diets consisting mainly of booze and taco bell, to an entirely vegan lifestyle (for a minute anyways… I LOVE CHEESE!)… to, most recently, a passionate love affair with all things chocolaty and sweet, resulting in what I am now referring to as my “bonus curves”…

However, the lifestyle that I have found to be the most delicious and indulgent in addition to being healthy and do-able, closely parallels that of a Mediterranean area dweller’s lifestyle.

Who the heck wouldn't want to live here?! This is the Mediterranean Sea near Turkey

Just to name a few… Spain, France, Italy, Greece & Morocco… are some of the countries in this region.  As far as I can tell it’s freakin’ gorgeous there, AND as a result of  the mild climate ideal for growing vegetation, their typical way of eating is saturated with Earthfoods   PLUS, due to close proximity to the sea, seafood is abundant. Duh.

If that wasn’t enough, thanks to France and Greece, this area is the largest producer IN THE WORLD of  two of my most favorite things…

red wine


olive oil

I think I’ve died and gone to heaven.

I am so intrigued by this region that I chose it as the topic of one my speeches for my public speaking class in college a couple years back.

Check out this Visual Aid.

The Mediterranean Pyramid.

In my opinion, it really could not be a more perfect combo.
And now… I’m freakishly hungry.

I shall return posthaste with some delicious Earthfood Eats.

rudimentary |ˌroōdəˈment(ə)rē| – involving or limited to basic principles

We all have certain items that we keep handy at most times in our kitchens. Staple items, if you will.

With the the Rudimentary Pantry (aka… Rudipantary) we will be hangin’ with some of these foodstuffs and coming up with some go-to-recipes for cheap & healthy eats in a pinch.

Rudipantary Item of the Day… Whole Wheat Flour

As I’m sure you are already well aware, whole grains are a kick-ass source of fiber and helps keep you full longer than the whitey versions.

Yesterday Miss M and I decided to make the simplest bread food known to man out of our whole wheat flour. Here is the extremely complicated and involved list of ingredients:

Whole Wheat Flour


Yup… that’s it.

What we made is called Roti. It is an Indian flatbread for which I found the recipe (if you can really even call it that) on this bomb blog I recently ran across called Indian Simmer. (If you go there, you must promise not to ridicule my pics when you return… hers are GORG-EOUS)

I LOVE< LOVE< LOVE Indian Food, and this bread is no exception.

Here’s whatchya do:

  • add water to flour a little bit at a time until you achieve… DOUGH. (There really are no measurements here. You just want to end up with dough that is not sticky and not dry)
  • knead dough for 5-ish minutes
  • wrap dough in damp towelfor 10-ish minutes

    Roti Balls!

  • Then… make into little balls and roll them flat (about the thickness of a tortilla) I don’t have a rolling pin, so I used a tall water glass for rolling… worked great!

Rolled out Roti dough

Now for the FUN part…

Turn 2 oven burners to Medium heat.

Place a skillet on one and a rack on the other (I used my cooling rack, which is HUGE but whatever. It worked fine)

Throw the rolled out roti dough onto the skillet. Cook on each side for about 20 seconds, or until little bubbles appear.

Miss M & a skillet

Then you will move the Roti to the rack and cook briefly on both sides until slightly charred.

Your Roti will puff up into a “bread balloon”… M & I could have probably done this all day. It was too much fun!

Bread Balloon!

Slap some butter on that biz-nitch if that’s what you’re in to. I thought they were delicious just plain… M decided the addition of butter, cinnamon & sugar was required. You could also add some garlic. That would be tasty.

Or heck! turn your Roti into a sam-ich wrap… this may be bastardizing the Roti, but it’s your rudipantary eat… do whatchya like!


I put the unused dough balls in a zippy and threw in the freezer… for bread balloons at the ready!


You should get this book.

I am so in love with this recipe book. I bought it at Barnes & Noble but I think you can actually get it on Amazon for much cheaper (around $16)

Totally worth it.

It has color pictures with every single recipe which, in my mind, is the #1 major qualifier for a good cookbook… PLUS, it’s ‘Earthfood’ heavy. Lot’s of fruits, grains, legumes, and veggies. Lot’s of seafood also, but only one beef recipe in the entire thing so if you are a cow hound… not for you!

I have found myself perusing the pages over and over again. It’s so pretty! and everything looks so delicious!

I had actually thought about cooking my way from cover to cover… but then my boyfriend brought it to my attention that maybe it wouldn’t be so great to eat only appetizers for days, before moving on to only soup for half a month…

Good point sir, good point.

At any rate, I have plans to cook my way through this thing in some fashion or another so if you’re coming along for the Powerfood ride, ya might want to pick this up and follow along.

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